Flat Solar Water Collector

MEGASUN Flat solar water heater is made from high quality materials on automation production line under ISO9001:2015 quality management system. Therefore, we commit to deliver a highest quality product to customer.


Low-iron crease tempered glass and black anti-reflection golden tempered glass is high transmittance, high intensive and impact resistance and can carried 700kg; black anti-reflection golden tempered glass is good shaped and with high value


The bottom of the collector core can resist high temperature and reflection, reducing energy loss when transferring, the whole foam of polyurethane insulation can improve the collector’s intensive and efficiency of insulation, decrease the thickness


Heat transfer technology through the collector in cloudy weather it can still absorb heat, it can work smoothly under the temperature of 60 degree, independent heat transfer pipe design without the water it also can resist over 230 degree, making the collector last for over 15 years or even more. The features of high pressure resistance, incorruptible and use indirect heat transfer system, frost resisting, no scaling


High selective blue coating made in Germany is designed with copper and aluminium material. It can absorb over 95% sunlight, low than 5% reflection. Copper has higher feature of the heat transfer; increase the entire board thermal conductivity of laser welding design, the efficiency can improve 5%


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1. Special bending design extrusion aluminium frame (Coventional 45° combined frame optional)

2. Package laser welding absorber allows 360° heat transfer

3. Embossed aluminium & zinc

4. Copper riser tube and header tube, with high efficiency

5. Full aluminium foil packed high density fiber glass insulation layer

6. 3.2 mm thickness low-iron tempered textured glass cover


Solar thermal collectors use energy from the sun to generate heat for heating and hot water. This energy is free, environmentally friendly and reliable. The heart of flat-plate, air and evacuated-tube collectors is the absorber. It collects the energy in sunlight and converts it into heat. The more efficient the absorber, the greater the collector‘s output.

The absorber of Megasun flat collector is imported from Germany with its TiNOX absorbers: these products absorb 95% of incident sunlight. At the same time, depending on the absorber, they only lose around 4% through heat radiation. In this way, manufacturers of collectors can ensure the highest quality and maximum yield for their customers. Its highly selective absorber layers both to aluminium and copper substrates. Megasun flat collector therefore able to offer a wide range of high-quality products with TiNOX absorbers.

TiNOX is characterised by outstanding absorption and emissivity rates. The highly selective blue coating guarantees the customer the best possible collector performance.

TiNOX has a highly selective, environmentally friendly coating, and with its reduced absorption rate is designed especially for regions with very high levels of sunlight.

TiNOX comes in a wide range of colours and is therefore perfect for customers who wish to match it aesthetically with their building, especially, for example, in Mediterranean countries.

TiNOX products are made in Germany in modern production lines in Bernburg.


is the premium product in the TiNOX product range: with its outstanding absorption and emissivity performance, the highly selective, blue absorber is the first choice for collector manufacturers who wish to guarantee their customers the highest output even when less sunlight is available.

is capable of absorbing 95% of incident solar radiation and converting it into heat. like an "energy trap," the highly selective blue TiNOX coating only loses approx. 4% of the captured solar energy as heat radiation.

All TiNOX absorbers are available with both copper and aluminium substrates. Both substrate materials have excellent thermal conductivity properties.

TiNOX absorbers consist of a number of layers, carefully designed to work together. The substrate material is a highly infrared-reflective metal sheet that conducts heat well. A diffusion barrier is applied to the adhesive layer. This prevents metal atoms from entering the absorber layer at high temperatures and changing the optical properties. This is followed by the absorber layer consisting of a multilayer cermet structure. Finally, the top layer is an anti-reflective, protective layer made of fused quartz. This material is extremely hard and also scratch-resistant. The absorber is therefore very well protected from damage during handling. By minimising surface reflection, the absorption of solar radiation is further optimised.


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