Swimming Pool Heat Pump

  • Designed based on French NF414 standard
  • Frame and case made by galvanzied steel
  • Simple structure and easy to install
  • High anti-corrosive Titanium heat exchanger to working more than 15 years
  • High efficiency compressor wth R410A/R417A/R407A
  • Lock water to protect current
  • Smart controller and settings using high speed processor
  • Touch LCD screen
  • Wet coated air exchanger
  • Auto defrost with inside circulating valve
  • All products checked and tested before delivery

The world’s top heat pump compressor COPELAND, PANASONIC, HITACHI

Adopt international famous brand, and enhanced vapor injection technology, reaching the highest level of efficiency within the air source industry. The strong kernel and high stanility ensure the long life of the unit and save more operating cost.

Coil heat exchanger TITANIUM / COPPER

Coil heat exchanger, pushes water temperature up to 80 celcius degree, and thus it can be widely used in both house and water heating, completely replacing the traditional heating equipment. High double pipe heat exchanger is good more than 2 times compared with box exchanger - consists of many red copper pipe or Titanium spring coil and put into metal box coated with high pressure anti-corrosion materials.

Double way condenser - high efficiency

Area of condenser raised to maimum - exchanger fin density increased two times more than other - to reach COP range from 3.8 to 6.5. Compared with plain films and louver fins, the hydrophilic concave-convex fins possess higher thermal efficiency. The corrugated structure makes condensed water turn into channels easily and accelerates the water discharge. Defrosting is effective. The evaporator gets rid of freezing.

Fan and Motor

The high quality of the fan and motor system ensures a quite and stable working condition and sufficient air for heat exchange.

Auto Defrosting System

4-way valve is adopted in automatic defrosting system to reach fast and high efficiency defrosting.

Wiring Connection / Slot type mother board

Clear and inner wiring connection provides convenience of installation and further maintenance.

Intelligent LED Controller

Advanced all-in-one technology to realize multi functional usage.

Technical specification

IHEATING CAPACITY & POWER INPUT     (Outdoor air temperature at 25 Celcius degree; Water temperature at 30 Celcius degree)
1Heating capacity (KW)9.212.522.726.245.462.085.9109.7
2Input power (KW)
3Coefficient of performance (COP)5.675.795.815.835.795.875.895.85
1Scroll compressor x pcsPanasonic x 1 pcsCopeland x 1 pcsCopeland x 1 pcsCopeland x 1 pcsCopeland x 2 pcsCopeland x 2 pcsCopeland x 4 pcsCopeland x 4 pcs
2No. of Axial fan1 pcs1 pcs1 pcs1 pcs2 pcs2 pcs2 pcs2 pcs
3RefrigerantR417A  /R407C
4Rated outlet water temperature (℃)35℃
5Max outlet water temperature (℃)40℃ (Option max 55℃ )
6Working temperature (℃)0℃  to 45℃
7EvaporatorAluminium fins & copper tube - Option : Copper fins & copper tube
8Heat exchanger - CondenserTitanium – specialized for swimming pool
9Case materialsGlavanzied steel with powder paint coating - Option : Stainless steel SUS304 - Good for sea area
10Electric systemSchneider
11ControllerAuto intelligent controller - Option: RS485, connect to BMS
12ProtectionLow Pressure Switch - 0.05/0.15MPa ; High Pressure Switch : 2.6/3.2Mpa - Over current protection, over heat, phase loss, phase reversal, flow switch
13Water gradeIPX4
14Noise (dB)≤52≤52≤55≤55≤66≤66≤68≤70
1Input power220V / 50 Hz380V / 50Hz
2Rate current (A)
3Max current (A)
4Recommended MCCB (A)1515202540506380
5Recommended cabble2*3+1*1.5mm23*4+2*2.5mm23*6+2*2.5mm23*6+2*2.5mm23*10mm2+2*4mm23*10mm2+2*4mm23*10mm2+2*4mm23*16mm2+2*6mm2
6Anti-electric shock rateIIIIIIII
1Water source circulating flow (m3/H)2.502.504.505.009.0010.0012.0015.00
2Water pressure drop (KPa)≤40≤40≤65≤68≤68≤70≤78≤80
3Inlet water pipe size (mm)DN25DN25DN25DN25DN40DN40DN40DN50
4Nominal air flow (m3/H)3,0003,9505,0006,50012,00015,00020,00024,000
5Fan directionTop fan
1Case dimension (LxWxH) (mm)960*320*600710*710*1070800*800*1070800*800*10701500*800*10701500*800*10701850*1000*19491850*1000*1950
2Net weight (kg)5090125135280372482582