Vacuum Tube Solar Collector

MEGASUN MGS-VC1850 Solar Collector used for centralized solar water heating system, with high absorption capacities and flexible expansion.
MEGASUN MGS-VC1850 Solar Collector can be installed seperately or connected to many to form a array of collector for higher capacities.
MEGASUN MGS-VC1850 Solar Collector are manufactured to conformed EU standard and certified CE marking.


• Type of tube: High quality evacuted tube
• Tube dimension: dia. 58 mm & leng. 1800 mm
• Number of tubes: 50 pcs / unit
• Glass material: high Borosilicate glass
• Manifold interior: INOX SUS304 0.6 mm thickness
• Manifold exterior: Galvanized Steel or INOX SUS304 0.4 mm thickness
• Bracket: Galvanized Steel 1.2mm thickness
• Insulating material: Polyurethane plastic foam 25 mm
• Heating capacities: 500 - 1000 liters / day
• Heavy rain capacities: dia. up to 25 mm
• Wind-resistant capacities: 35 m/s
• Joint material: silicon, up to 200 Celcius degree
• Collector dimension: 3760 mm x 2010 mm

Evaculated tube specification

• Structure: All-glass double-tube co-axial structure
• Dimenstion: 58 mm x 1800mm
• External pipe diameter and thickness: dia.= 58±0.7mm &=1.8mm
• Internal pipe diameter and thickness: dia.=47±0.7mm &=1.6mm
• Glass material: high Borosilicate glass
• Vacuum tightness: P< 5x10-3 Pa
• Average heat loss coefficient: 0.4 ~ 0.6 W/m2.0C
• Solar irradiation for obtaining a preset water temperature: H=3.7 ~ 4.2 MJ/m²